Vet Print Services

Pet owners expect up-to-date gold standard information as well as personal stories about what it is like working as a vet.

Vet Print Dog Reading NewspaperWhether you require an animal focussed newspaper article, pet magazine content or an ‘ask the vet’ column, Dr Gretta’s professional vet print writing skills and industry knowledge will add value to your product.


I have experience in editing pet information to ensure the content is up-to-date with current veterinary standards. This is particularly important for a pet or vet magazine going to print who do not wish to print anything that could be misleading to the public or dangerous to an animal’s health and well-being. Alternatively my writing and editing service can be used for veterinary practice websites, product brochures and client information handouts to ensure the material is easily understood by the target audience.

Newspaper Articles

I have been contributing monthly articles to my local newspaper for over three years now and can write vet print articles on the pet topics of your choice. This service can include relevant pictures that comply with current copyright laws. I am happy to write for you on a regular or as needed basis and can contribute as a ghostwriter or as myself.

Magazine Features

The pet magazine industry is in high demand from educated pet owners who want up-to-date gold standard information as well as personal stories about what it is like working as a vet. I am a full-time practising veterinarian so have many interesting cases and experiences to write about and have shared these experiences with various pet magazines via interview style questions or stories.

‘Ask the vet’ Columns

Questions from your readers and qualified written advice from a veterinary professional is a popular section in most magazines. I can provide your magazine, newspaper or online forum suitable yet concise answers to curious pet owners and help solve their pet problems and promote reader loyalty.

Vet Print Portfolio

A brief portfolio of articles and magazine columns that Dr Gretta has had recently published. Please click on the relevant article to view it in a new window.

Visiting Surgeon Feature Story

Feature Story

The VeterinarianFeature Article, Sept 2012 (PDF)

Pet Friendly Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Interviewed as vet expertPets, Sep-Oct 2014 (PDF)

Cat Dental Health Article

Cat Dental Health Article

Cat AffairsPublished Winter, 2014 (PDF)