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Vet Presenter - Film, Radio & Events

As a vet, I love to share my experience and knowledge through different media outlets including film and radio.

Vet Presenter - Film and VideoDr Gretta has completed specialty presenting training through TV Pro Global trainer Sharon Lynne in 2009 and produced a show reel. While her passion is for general veterinary practice rather than a TV career, Dr Gretta is available as a guest vet presenter for events, talks, interviews, webinars, television shows, voice-overs or internet TV on a casual or contract basis.


I am a big radio fan and enjoy listening to pet shows myself. Animal owners love listening to pet care discussions, question and answer segments from vets and pet behaviour experts as well as taking on board current recommendations on health care. This is also an opportunity for radio hosts to acquire a loyal following from the pet owning community. I am available for vet interviews or pet care related radio segments for your show.


Hot topics about pet care may require veterinary input to ensure that the show remains professional and evidence-based rather than resemble an internet Google search. If you are reporting on a pet health care topic, then make sure the public are receiving credible information rather than hearsay or testimonials alone.

Guest vet presenter

Do you need a vet presenter for your event or show? Working in general vet practice as well as being a mother has its challenges but I love my job and enjoy talking about my experiences in practice. I also absolutely love kids and enjoy taking part in educational programs for children involving animals. I am a firm believer that pets enrich our life and feel lucky to have grown up around animals in my own childhood. As a presenter, I am able to share my love of my job as a veterinarian and for animal welfare with the future generation.

Content for Pet Shows

Make sure that your show maintains its credibility by employing a practising veterinarian to oversee the content. Don’t risk alienating the vet profession from your audience by reporting incorrect information or offering the wrong advice. Pet shows should be light-hearted and educational yet remain professional in their content. I have experience in script writing and can assist with content for animal shows directed at all age groups.

Show Reel

Guest Presenter

Guest Speaker at Pymble Ladies College’s annual Jacaranda Day Service