Vet Consultancy

Veterinary Consultancy

Support material is vital when launching new products or services in the pet and vet industries.

Vet Endorsed Dog Pet AdvertisingDr Gretta’s vast practice experience and attention to detail can help in your vet practice and improve your pet product or medication to ensure it is user friendly, marketable and popular. As an experienced vet consultant, Dr Gretta understands that vets and pet owners need products that are easy to administer and readable instructions – two key points in ensuring your product remains viable in a competitive industry.

Vet Consultant

Do you have a product or drug that is ready for release into the pet or veterinary market? Unsure about whether the product, packaging and instructions are ideal for use in practice or for a pet owner? I can review your product and provide honest and professional feedback to help increase loyalty and usability. Perhaps you need veterinary input on a document or program you are creating and want to make sure the reporting is professional and in line with the current school of thought within the industry.

Locum Vet Services

With 17 years veterinary experience, Dr Gretta has extensive experience working as a locum vet in Sydney-based veterinary practices. Practice owners can have peace of mind knowing that cases will be managed professionally with courteous communication with clients. Learn more about Dr Gretta’s breadth and depth of experience.

Campaign Appearances

Contact me if you are interested in having a veterinarian involved in campaign appearances or a vet endorsed product. My decision to support a particular product will depend on its merits and supportive data as well as my own personal opinion. I won’t support products that I wouldn’t personally recommend or use on my own pets.

Brochure Content

I can help put together brochure content in a style that will suit your specific clientele or suggest changes to an existing document. Support material is vital when launching new products or services in the pet and vet industries as a lot of the functionality is lost if the product is used incorrectly and can even be detrimental. Make sure your brochure quality is in line with the quality of your pet product.

Script Writing

If you are spending money on advertising for television, radio or print then make sure your advertising is clear yet concise, interesting yet informative and most importantly – memorable. Whether you’re advertising to vets about a newly approved medication about to be released onto the market or to pet owners about environmental enrichment, seek my opinion in how to word your product blurb to grab the attention of your audience.