Frequently Asked Questions.

How much do you charge?
All work is priced on a “per project” basis and agreed before delivery begins. This price is fixed unless you ask for a change in the scope of the project. Fees paid are non-refundable.

I am highly motivated in helping you achieve your goals and will work in partnership with you to ensure satisfaction with each project.

Do you offer revisions?
Of course! Provided that the general topic and content length stays within the scope of the project, revisions are offered at no additional charge.

Note that it is expected that requests for revisions will be made within two weeks of the original content delivery.

Can I re-use or re-purpose content written by you that I have paid for?
As you have paid for the content, you are free to re-use it. Examples include e-newsletter articles being published as a blog post and website content being used in brochures.

Feel free to discuss ideas that you may have with me.